Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Peach Fuzz

30 in 30 Days Challenge  Day 30

This the last day of the 30 day challenge and it has been difficult and yet so rewarding.  I've learned so much from this but the biggest take away is that it has gotten me to dive right in and start painting quickly.  I used to labor over it in my mind as to what I would paint, how big, the colors, the composition etc, and now I am putting my brush to the canvas as soon as I start.  It's removed the fear that I felt before starting, the fear of failing, the pressure that it had to be good, the thought that others had to like it.  Now I'm just painting for me, for my knowledge, trying new things, trying transparent colors, trying palette knife, try to paint fuzz.  Yeah, fuzz.. That was not easy.  I labored over these peaches and want to try them again because peaches are a real challenge for me.  To paint something soft seems harder to me than to paint something hard or shiny.   So, I've learned about painting, but more so, I've learned about myself, and I'm still learning what evokes emotion in the choices of what I paint.  I am planning a new piece, larger, to be a landscape with people in it.  I've chosen a picture I took at a French farmers market of several older french men who met Saturday morning at the market. They are so cute.  I think that will be my next piece.  Be on the lookout.  Follow my blog for new paintings that I will post here first.

Peach Fuzz
Diane Plaisted
Oil on Gessobord, 6 x 6

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