Sunday, September 6, 2015

Day 5 of 30 - Marina Sunrise Punta Gorda

Marina Sunrise Punta Gorda  - Day 5 of  30

This is the fifth day of the 30 day challenge.   We were in Florida all week - Hot, Hot, Hot. - overlooking the marina.   But the purpose was to see my Mom which worked out perfect.

 What beautiful sunrises and sunsets there.  We would wake to the pale pinks, peach, and soft blue tones on the still morning water.  At night, we were steps away from the choppy water sunsets.   But what I loved most was meeting  several couples with sailboats and one with motorboat docked at the marina keeping safe from tropical storm Erica.  The storm dissipated  before causing trouble here, but I'm so glad we got to meet them.  Loved their stories and courage. They will stay on the Florida coast until about November/December and then head to Key West and then probably on to Bahamas and the Caribbean.  They were originally from Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky and Florida with their boats  being their homes now that they have retired..  What an amazing life.   This harbor picture is my first ever pastel and is a tribute the our new friends on the sea.

Marina Sunrise
Diane Plaisted
Pastel  on Ampersand Pastelbord

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